Wednesday, March 15, 2017


In this week, I just focused on writing code for Arduino.


For this week, I spent most of my time on presentation. In order to show the speed test result during the presentation, I made a speed test device. It was made by a circular wood board, corrugated metal strip and Hall Effect sensor. The picture of the real product will be shown below.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017


In this week, finally, I found a fit sheet metal. It is because the gage of the sheet metal has to be around 28 to 30, then strip could be bended easier and the shape could be as what we expected. After testing, I realized the sheet metal was exactly what I looked for. Then, I will try to cut them on the coming Wednesday and try to set the strip on the track.

In addition, I also tried to perfect the gear set. It is because I found that when two gears rotated, the top part of the gear were not stable. I need to find some metal or wood board to fix the top part. Then the strip can be made more perfectly.


In this week, the 3D print gears were arrival. In order to fix two gear, I set them to on a wood board. The gear set were perfect. It can make the strip as what I expected. Besides that, I also tried to look for the sheet metal. I hope I can find one I needed. 


In this week, I worked on the gears which used for making the corrugated metal strip. I went to the work shop and cut two circle wood board with my partner. The wood board I used is 1cm thickness. Then I was response to cut the gear teeth from one of them. After we were done with that and tried to rotate them for make the strip, one of the teeth broke. So I have to make a new set. However, since I realized the thickness was not enough, I chose a 2cm thickness wood board to make the new set. Unfortunately, during the second trial, I still met a lot of trouble. For example, I could not make the distance between each teeth as the same even I did it very careful and very slow. It would cause the inaccurate for distance between peaks of the strip. Therefore, I have to use my back up plan (3D Print). 

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

02/01/2017- 02/08/2017

Since the limitation of our budget, our team have to change our original idea. In order to lower the budget, I asked my friend to borrow a 3D printer which for printing the sensor mounts. Also, for the corrugated metal strip, we are going to make it by our own. I already make two perfect wood cylinder which is using for making the gear. Right now, I was designing the distance between each tooth from the gear.
For the coming week, I will try to use Solidwork to simulate our design, then we can find out an idea distance between each tooth. Moreover, I hope we can finish the gears also.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Week 12/01 to Week 12/07

In this week, I still tried to contact with some more machine shop and 3D printer shop. It is because I hope the estimate budget for the corrugated metal can be lower. Secondly, I tried to adjust the sensor mount, because when the Hall Effect sensor attach on it, the sensitive is not stable at not. The main effecting reason is the distance between the Hall Effect sensor and magnet. Lastly, I also did some speed testing with my partner.