Sunday, May 21, 2017

Week 05/11 to05/17

In this week, I just tried to help other teams work such as Solar Panel team and track team. Since the final report and the Maker Faire event is coming, I spent most of the time to prepared them as well as the presentation also.

Week 05/03 to 05/10

In this week, I did the last test for our whole system. However, the first tested the sensor on the bogie with the completed program. The accuracy was 20% and it was low but very precise. After I retested the system with some sensor commented out, especially the ultrasonic sensor, the accuracy increased to eighty percent. After talking with Mobile App team, I realized the time for running our program is too long which will cause some data reading missing. The only method for solving this problem is using interrupt pin, but there is no interrupt pin left. I do not think I have to fix it now because not enough time, but the idea of using reading the corrugated metal strip for position sensing is working. 

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Week 04/27 to 05/03

During this week, I still worked on fixing the corrugated metal strips. It is because the sensor was not sensitive enough. When the sensing distance changed a little, the result would be bad. For example, at all of the corners of the track, when the bogie passes them, the distance between the strips and the sensor would be larger than the other position. Then some of the strips would be missed sensing. In order to solve it, I put some double sided tape between the track and the strips for reducing the distance between sensor and strips at the corner postion.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Week 04/19 to 04/26

In this week, I did some test for the sensing system. However, the result is disappointed. Since after I installed the sensor mount on the track and tested it, I realized the sensor was too far from the strips. It caused the sensor could not work properly. Then I redesigned the sensor mount again. I made five different sizes of the sensor mount. And I will test all of them during this weekend.

Week 04/13 to 04/19

In this week, I focused on the presentation. In addition, I adjusted some of the corrugated metal strips which were scratching the bogie when the bogie ran around. This happened was because the gap between the inner track and outer track were not the same everywhere.
In addition, the gap at the curve position of the track was so different comparing to the others. I might put some metal piece between the strips and the track. It could reduce the gap distance.

Week 04/06 to 04/12

This week I was focusing on preparing the Paseo Public Prototyping Challenge. I tried my best to explain our project to someone who did not know about it. Besides that, I also helped to assemble and disassemble the track. After this event, I felt more confident about my social skill.

Week 03/29 to 04/05

In this week, I still worked on the corrugated metal strip. I finished all of the attaching work for the track. However, in order to prepare for the Paseo event for next week, I left a gap between strips for the screws to assemble and disassemble the track. This problem has to solve in the coming few weeks.